Magnet Display - Collectible Pin Display - Earring Display

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Product Overview

The STYKYT team (part of Medal Blocks) was tired of seeing a collection of lapel pins (Disney pins, pins from travel destinations, national park pins, etc.) sitting around in one room and a collection of magnets without the benefit of a magnetic surface with their stainless steel refrigerator. We realized we need a place to stick everything. Not finding the type of display we had hoped for, it was time for a display to go stick it. While it is a simplistic design, it is beautifully constructed with high quality materials, from strong steel to the black baked finish.

  • DESIGNED BY STYKYT TO STICK IT - The STYKYT display provides multiple ways to stick it. This product is designed to be a simple display for multiple uses. The steel backing provides the ability to attach magnets, while 160 holes with the support of a pin board allows you to attach pins and other sharp objects such as earrings.
  • SIZE - 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND STURDY - High quality steel construction provides a beautiful display for your home that is also sturdy enough for a retail environment. Have something that is heavier than the typical magnet or pin? The sturdy design allows for heavier objects to be attached to the display. The steel display weighs nearly 1 ½ pounds.
  • STYLISH BLACK DESIGN - Beautifully done with a baked finish to help maintain a high-quality look after years of use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review