How do I select the right size Medal Block? 

Medal Blocks were designed to be flexible enough to fit many medal sizes. To choose the one that’s right for you, simply measure your medal to the closest millimeter, and pick the Medal Block with an opening that is a little larger.

Common Sizes

1 inch (25 mm) - Quarters and Tokens

1 1/2 inch (39 mm) - Challenge Coins, Commemorative Coins, Morgan Dollars

1 5/8 inch (41 mm) - Challenge Coins, Commemorative Coins, American Eagles

Does it matter how thick my medal is?

We include low-profile spacers that adjust for the thickness of the medal. They also help to properly position it.  Two thicknesses of spacers are included (.5 mm and 1 mm). Simply choose the spacers you need, peel the spaces apart, position them to the inside of your Medal Block, and then center the medal.  

How do I clean my frame? 

Medal Blocks are made of acrylic for a crystal-clear display, and they’re super easy to clean. Just use a soft cloth (nothing abrasive) and gently wipe the frames. If they’re really dirty, dampen the cloth and wipe. If necessary, use a mild dish soap and hot water.

How do I put the frame together?

No tools are required for any of the products. The intuitive design of the traditional Medal Block is very easy to assemble. Simply place the two acrylic pieces together by lining them up at the magnet contact points. Likewise, all of the pieces of the hanging version fit together logically, with no effort. If it doesn’t seem right, it isn’t.  Just move the pieces around until they snap easily into place. 

Recommendation: use a soft cloth during assembly to avoid getting fingerprints on the inside of the frame.   

Do you offer wholesale rates for large events?

Yes. If you have a league, a large event, or you have a ton of medals and want a wholesale rate, contact us at custom@medalblocks.com and we will discuss your requirements and provide a solution.

Do you make custom frames?

Yes. Even though Medal Blocks are designed for maximum flexibility to fit a wide range of sizes, we can create a custom display block if required. Contact us at custom@medalblocks.com to initiate your order.

Where is my medal?

Sorry, but the medals are not included. You have to earn them on your own. While our focus has been on creating the highest quality and most innovative displays possible, we do offer a package with custom coins.   

Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us at service@medalblocks.com.