The Medal Blocks Story

Visualizing Your Accomplishments

 Hi, I’m Patrick Dolan. I set about creating Medal Blocks for very personal reasons, but ended up making them for anyone who has achieved a goal (or dreams to), earned a medal for it, and wants a truly attractive way to show how much it means to them.

In other words, Medal Blocks are for you. They display your medal with a polished, sophisticated look. They’re easy to assemble and visually impressive. They’re durably constructed out of clean, clear acrylic—a tasteful, elegant and affordable solution that makes your medal feel as special as your achievement.

Medal Blocks Keep Your Achievements Fresh

If you’re like me, you probably have a few of these mementos—a memorial medallion for running your first 5K, perhaps, or a first-place award your son or daughter won with their soccer team, or maybe an award you earned with your office softball league. You like it, even treasure it, but there’s really no place to put it. Maybe you set it on your desk or dresser for a while, but eventually it cluttered up your space, so you put it in a storage box and stacked it away in a closet somewhere, forgetting all about it.

Medal Blocks are about honoring those achievements and putting them on display, instead of stowing them in a shoebox. They’re about feeling proud of your accomplishments and commemorating special events in your life. They’re about preserving the moment in an attractive and tasteful mounting that adds a decorative touch to your office or workplace, family or living room. They’re about reflecting on your triumphs and setting new goals, too, motivating yourself to reach new levels of success.

I know that feeling. I am runner, but one you probably wouldn’t notice. I am not in the lead pack and I’m not going to win. That simply doesn’t matter to me. Like you, I have my own goals and my own determination to finish the race. When I do, I appreciate having—and valuing—the finishing medal to remember it by. Which is why I created Medal Blocks.

Creating the Perfect Medal Display

I searched all over for a simple, affordable, good-looking display for my medals. But I couldn’t find one to suit my vision, or budget. The solutions that weren’t custom-made and outrageously expensive were either too plain, too clunky or just downright ugly. So I set out to design my own.

I worked with 6 different manufacturers and tried several model prototypes before perfecting it in the product you see today. I believe I’ve found the perfect medal display—unique for its innovative construction and admired for its sheer, precision-cut, streamlined design.  

In the end, the best display mount is the one you don’t see. It simply recedes into the background, and makes the medal the star. I hope your Medal Block does that for you, so you can preserve, treasure and visualize your accomplishments always.