Frame Toppers - Santa Hat

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Product Overview

Frame Toppers use a familiar item in a unique way. It’s a hat for your frame. No, your frame may not be cold, but it may be in need of some personalization or, perhaps, “seasonalization.” 

Although Frame Toppers go extremely well with acrylic block frames offered by Medal Blocks, you can fit them on many types of frames. Rather than buy seasonal or theme based frames, you can use the same frame for many holidays and seasons by simply replacing the Frame Topper with another option.The Santa hat Frame Topper is the one that started them all. Who doesn’t have a Santa picture or a holiday picture? A Santa hat Frame Topper makes the picture stand out.

Frame Toppers are simple to use – just stretch out the base and place on your frame . The shape will hold in place, but you can make adjustments. For the Santa hat Frame Topper you may want to bend the top quarter of the hat down.

Frame Toppers fit most 5”x7” and 6”x8” block frames (vertically displayed).  They fit most frames that measure 5" to 6" on the top.  Hanging frames are not recommended unless there is sufficient space between the wall and the frame.

• Simple to use – just stretch and place on top of your frame
• Fun, light-hearted accessories to convert ordinary frames into seasonal decorations

Frame not included, Medal Blocks (or Sleken branded) frames may be purchased separately.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review