Introducing Pinseum - Lapel Pin Displays

4th Jun 2020

Medal Blocks is not just for running medals anymore.  For years, Medal Blocks has been designing and innovating new displays for many collectibles that often get shuffled to a drawer or box.  … read more

Happy Global Running Day

1st Jun 2016

Medal Blocks was founded based on creating displays for medals, with a focus on running & related events.  While we are far from that now with numerous coin displays & picture frames, we … read more

Medals and More

6th Apr 2016

Wow, it has been a while since we have posted any blog entry.  While we don't add a lot to our blog or social media, it does not mean we haven't been active.  It is just the opposite, we are … read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

25th Nov 2015

Enjoy the Turkey Trot runs tomorrow and have a Happy Thanksgiving!