Excellence You Can Bohst About

27th Apr 2024

Exciting news from our corner! While the name Medal Blocks has been our banner for a rocking decade, our product family has grown so much that it’s time for something new. Say hello to Bohst, our new … read more

Most Innovative Display Company

18th Dec 2023

Wow, how time flies and brings change! We've been a bit quiet lately, but that's about to change with more frequent updates. First off, we've evolved way beyond medallion displays – which is probably … read more


21st Aug 2020

Finally there is a great place to stick it!Medal Blocks was founded after being inspired to take medals out of the box (or the messy drawer, aka "junk drawer") and display them.  We didn't stop t … read more

Introducing Pinseum - Lapel Pin Displays

4th Jun 2020

Medal Blocks is not just for running medals anymore.  For years, Medal Blocks has been designing and innovating new displays for many collectibles that often get shuffled to a drawer or box.  … read more