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Happy Global Running Day


Medal Blocks was founded based on creating displays for medals, with a focus on running & related events.  While we are far from that now with numerous coin displays & picture frames, we still encourage everybody to remember their past achievements and plan new ones.  Whether running, walking, rolling or anything else, we encourage all fitness related events.  So, today, if you can, go out and run in support of Global Running Day.  Happy Global Running Day!!!!

Medals and More

Wow, it has been a while since we have posted any blog entry.  While we don't add a lot to our blog or social media, it does not mean we haven't been active.  It is just the opposite, we are so busy, we don't find time to update all of our different sites.  We are [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the Turkey Trot runs tomorrow and have a Happy Thanksgiving!  

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2015 Goals

Make sure you set out to achieve all of your goals in 2015.  Once accomplished, make sure you proudly display your achievements with medal displays by Medal Blocks.  

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Merry Christmas

We hope everybody is having a very Merry Christmas.  Regardless of whether you won the race, runner up or simply finished, don't forget to display your medal proudly.  

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The History of Medals

Given Medal Blocks emphasizes displaying medals and your achievements, we will take a brief look at the history of medals. The first mention in history of a medal was recorded by the Jewish historian Josephus (A.D. 37 – 100?) in the 3rd century B.C. He pointed out that the high priest Jonathan led the Hebrews in [...]

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Soccer, Basketball and other Youth Sports

Every 4 years, people reflect on the sport of soccer and what it means to them.  The World Cup just ended and it seems to be as popular as ever in television ratings and I have never seen this type of energy and interest in the games, regardless of who was playing.  I recall playing [...]

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New events, new runners

The trend over the past five years has been to add a lot of new types of races and events.  These are non-traditional runs that focus on thing that glow in the dark or where you are running through colorful bubbles.  Regardless, these are a lot of fun for those who are not really interested [...]

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Why Medal Blocks?

There were be nearly one half of a million marathon finishers this year. Within that 500K, there will be hundreds of thousands accomplishments. First marathon, fastest marathon, 100th marathon, just happy to finish the marathon, you name it. For each runner, they may have their own unique goal and unique accomplishment. [...]

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