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  • Lego Mini Figure Display Case
  • Stackable mini figure display
  • Hexagon shaped mini figure display

Hexablox Mini Figure Display


How do I select the right size Medal Block?

Medal Blocks were designed to be flexible enough to fit many medal sizes. To choose the one that's right for you, simply measure your medal to the closest millimeter, and pick the Medal Block with an opening that is a little larger.

Does it matter how thick my medal is?

We include low-profile spacers that adjust for the thickness of the medal. They also help to properly position it. Two thicknesses of spacers are included (.5 mm and 1 mm). Simply choose the spacers you need, peel the spaces apart, position them to the inside of your Medal Block, and then center the medal.

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Medal Blocks continues to innovate with its introduction of a new line of Hexablox.  These unique frames provide an extremely attractive way to showcase your favorite mini figures.
With just one Hexablox, you can attractively display your favorite figure. What makes Hexablox very unique is that you can stack them as you build your collection.  You can easily stack at least 3 of these self-standing displays on a sturdy surface. 
Hexablox are made of clear, high quality acrylic, so the coins are viewable from each side of the display. 
Please measure your mini figures to make sure that they will fit, as all mini figures will not fit in the allotted space.  Medal Blocks designed this frame to fit the majority of the most common figures so that the average figure would not appear lost in a vast cavern of a display.   A larger version will soon be available that can hold a wider range of figures.
This small version of the mini figure Hexablox was designed to fit figures and their accessories up to 2” tall.  Wide wings, big weapons, etc. may not fit in this version.   Inside dimensions that holds the figure: height 55mm (approximately 2.1”), length 40mm (1.6”), width 24mm (0.9”)
  • Unique and innovative way to showcase your favorite mini figures*
  • Hexablox come in full or half (trapezoid) version
  • The opening for the full hexagon allows for figures and their accessories up to 2” tall and 1 1/2” wide Please note, this opening will not fit all figures and their accessories 
  • No tools required. The case is held firmly together with 2 magnets on each side (4 total).  It is secure enough to hold the mini figure firmly in place
  • Full Hexablox measures 3" tall.  Inside dimensions that holds the figure: height 55mm (approximately 2.1”), length 40mm (1.6”), width 24mm (0.9”)
  • Half Hexablox measures 1.5" tall. The half hexagon is also held together by magnets, but it does not have an opening for a mini figure This piece may be used for stacking purposes only, or a small paper or picture may be enclosed in this piece
  • Mini figures are not included

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