Leprechaun Coin

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Thinking positive and thinking luck is right around the corner can change your day.

While this coin might not hold any special powers, it is a reminder that the beholder can create their own special powers. The design of this coin took into consideration many different items to help the owner use what is most meaningful to them.

1) If you are looking for a coin to use as bait for a leprechaun trap, it is a gold colored coin.

2) Symbols of luck are prominent in the coin, including the leprechaun or shamrock

3) Then, we wrapped up the design with the infinity or Celtic knot. Whether it is St. Patrick's Day or just another day, Think Lucky & Be Lucky

About this item

  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED - Great for kids and adults alike, these hand designed metal leprechaun coins are the perfect collectors item for inspiring your lucky day or providing the bait for a leprechaun trap on St. Patrick's Day
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made from die cast metal with an antique gold finishing
  • SOLID - About 1 1/2", it is a weighty coin (38mm)
  • SYMBOLS - While the leprechaun and shamrock is quickly noticed, the border includes an infinity (or Celtic) knot


(No reviews yet) Write a Review