Soccer, Basketball and other Youth Sports

21st Jul 2014

Every 4 years, people reflect on the sport of soccer and what it means to them.  The World Cup just ended and it seems to be as popular as ever in television ratings and I have never seen this type of energy and interest in the games, regardless of who was playing.  I recall playing youth soccer and it seems like everybody has at some point in their life. 

This is an interesting article on how the different sports rank in popularity among youth participants and some viewpoints on the future of soccer.  I personally think that the low scores and pace of the game may cause some people to lose interest, but the emergence of some international soccer stars and increase in the viewing experience (HDTV) is changing the game.  

While Medal Blocks will continue to provide medal displays for many youth soccer medals earned, time will tell if some of the children of today end up playing in front of larger US audiences in the future.