Hanging Frame Installation

How to install your medal in the Medal Blocks hanging frame. 

This medal display comes with 5 pieces all held together with powerful magnets.  It is simple enough to install a medal within a couple of minutes without tools, but the following information is useful to perfect the medal’s installation.

We recommend you use a microfiber cloth, if possible, or a soft cloth that’s thin enough to handle the pieces and minimize touching any of the pieces when installing the medal.  While acrylic is easy to clean, the glasslike surface attracts fingerprints when handled.  But rest assured, once it’s assembled, you can maintain the frame with water or mild household cleaners. 

1)     Disassemble the 5 pieces and set them to the side

2)     Next, lay Piece #1 flat

3)     Next, pick up Piece #3 and wrap the strap behind its back.  Wrap up the strap so it fits securely when placed on the bottom piece [Piece #1]. If the medal is loose when installed and doesn’t stay in place when attached, roll up the strap to make it thicker for a tighter hold.  If it’s too thick and the magnets don’t hold the strap shut, attempt to wrap up the strap as tightly as possible and use the full amount of room available underneath Piece #3.

4)     Then arrange the medal in the preferred position and attach it to Piece #1.

5)     Place #2 around Piece #1 (thin border piece).  This helps hold the ribbon into place.

6)     Add Piece #4 (thick border piece).

7)     Finally, add Piece #5 (clear piece).

You installation should be complete! 


One thing that may potentially cause some confusion is if any of the pieces are reversed.  The magnets are designed to hold all of the pieces in the appropriate order and position.  If reversed for any reason, they will not connect properly. 

For extra-large medals - This frame fits almost all medals, but there are some exceptions when the medal or strap is much larger than most traditional medals.  While it’s rare to need this method, for some larger straps, any type of household tape may be used to help secure the strap. 

Cleaning the frame - Cleaning Medal Blocks frames is simple.  You only need a soft cloth and water to maintain the frame.  The acrylic is very versatile, and mild soaps are typically fine on the frame. 

Customer Support

If you have any questions or you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of any Medal Blocks display, please contact us at Medal Blocks through our website or through the retailer where you purchased it before you do anything else.  We will ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and that the frame allows you to properly display your medal and your achievement.