Coin Display - Size Selection

Medal Blocks offers a wide variety of displays.  We focused on a lot of the most common sizes.  Here are a few different sizes of popular coins:

  • American Silver Eagle Coins - 41 mm
  • US Washington Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters - 25 mm
  • Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars & Eisenhower Dollars - 39 mm
  • Challenge Coins - Varies, popular sizes are 2" (52 mm), 1 3/4" (46 mm), 1 1/2" (39 mm)
  • Kennedy Half Dollar - 32 mm 

Measure the diameter closely to try to find the best fit.  Medal Blocks typically leaves at least 1 mm of "extra room" just in case.  Most of the pictures with the coins in the display often have at least that much extra space and is not noticeable.  Here are some examples of the diameters of many of our popular coin sizes.